Why use spreader bars?

When fishing for Bluefin tuna (or any other tuna species) there are a number of ways to target the fish. Spreader Bars have proven to be very effective on almost any given day out on the water. They are an essential tool every serious angler should have on the boat when targeting tuna. The amount of action on the water CaliMade lures spreader bars create while being trolled attract the fish in. Once they see the spread of squid behind the titanium bar they can’t resist going in for a bite. Then it’s game time! 

How are CaliMade Lures spreader bars different than the competition?

There are several other spreader bar brands on the market right now. Unlike the competition that have their birds manufactured in China, we make our own birds in house. Captain Andrew designed the birds himself and has made a design that does not drag as heavy while trolling and will not flip or get buried under the water easily unlike the competition. While it does not drag as heavy the design allows the bars to give off a great deal of splash and action in the water. We have done a lot of testing with the CaliMade spreader bar side by side with other brands and are very happy with the way our bars troll. Captain Andrew makes each and every bird and hand assembles all the bars himself. 

How are the birds made? 

CaliMade Lures birds are 3D printed and made from high quality PETG material.

What speed should I troll the spreader bars?

CaliMade spreader bars work best trolling at speeds between 4-8 kn.

How far back should I run the bars?

A good starting point for distances would be 75-100 yards behind the boat for the port and starboard directional bars and 250-300 yards back for the center bar. Note: every day is different, some days they will bite the bars closer in; some days they are more boat shy and farther back will work better. Don’t be afraid to try out different distances. 

How many spreader bars can I troll at once? 

It is recommended to troll up to 3 bars at once if you have a taller rocket launcher rod holder for the straight back center bar. With the above recommended distances port and starboard bars on each corner of the boat and the straight back up taller down the middle. If you want to troll the bars closer in then port and starboard directional bars is a good choice. If you are only trying to troll one bar then the straight back far down the middle is the way to go. 

Can you catch fish other than bluefin tuna on the bars?

Yes! Any species of tuna will bite the spreader bars. Along with tuna, Mahi Mahi, Wahoo, Marlin and even Yellowtail have been caught on the CaliMade spreader bars. 

How long does it take to get my order? 

Each spreader bar is made to order. It may take up to 5 days from order for your bar to be constructed and shipped out. In most cases it will be quicker. 

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